Guide to Gamified Employee Training Software

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Guide to Gamified Employee Training Software


Employee training programs are a necessity for specialized industries. Finance companies, manufacturing plants, and education are just a few of the areas where formal, on-the-job training and continued education are required. However, employees are often less than enthusiastic about these sessions. Continued education or leadership training suffers from even lower engagement rates than onboarding. Because engaged employees retain more information and progress through training faster, it’s important for companies to find a solution to this problem.

Gamified employee training systems are becoming a popular way to speed up training, better engage employees, and increase interest in continued skill development. Solutions range from lightweight programs that add a gamified layer of points or levels onto existing training systems, to fully-developed 3D training simulations for in-depth education.

Choosing the right solution for your company can help you cut costs, better train your employees, and streamline your onboarding process. To help you choose the best software, we’ll discuss the common features and benefits of such programs, and show a real-world example.