Do Perks Matter For Employees


Do Perks Matter For Employees

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Most companies lose nearly a quarter of all new employees within a year, which makes attracting and retaining talent a top business priority. In an attempt to skirt the costs associated with turnover, businesses are constantly testing new strategies to differentiate their company. Many are turning to workplace perks as a way to… Read more »

Guide to Employee Engagement

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY If you think of gamification as “the application of game elements in non-game contexts,” then employee engagement gamification is the application of game elements to different aspects of the employee relationship. Employee engagement can mean a number of different things for different organizations. For some, it might mean increasing sales, while for others… Read more »

Buyer’s Guide to HR Software

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Buyer’s Guide will provide a detailed analysis of the human resource (HR) software market, specific HR software use cases, and key points for businesses to consider when choosing and implementing HR technology.