You, Your Employees, The Environment: Everybody Wins


You, Your Employees, The Environment: Everybody Wins

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Commuter Benefits allow employees to reduce their commuting costs by up to 40%, while helping employers save an average of 7.65% on payroll taxes. You can provide this benefit to your employees as a substitute for taxable salary, as a supplemental benefit, or as a combination of the two, all while helping the… Read more »

Glassdoor’s Behavioral Interviewing Questions and Templates

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Getting the right people in the door is crucial to your company’s success. Finding the best fit for each role helps you hire employees who can drive innovation, productivity, customer satisfaction and profits. The interview process is where you have the most control over who fills your employee roster. Behavioral-based interviewing is a… Read more »

Glassdoor’s Checklist for Onboarding New Hires

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Far more than a “new hire orientation,” a proper onboarding program is a comprehensive way to get new employees fully immersed. To set the tone for a high level of engagement, it’s critical to get the onboarding process just right, which means being buttoned up and prepared at every key stage. That’s why… Read more »

Do Perks Matter For Employees

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Most companies lose nearly a quarter of all new employees within a year, which makes attracting and retaining talent a top business priority. In an attempt to skirt the costs associated with turnover, businesses are constantly testing new strategies to differentiate their company. Many are turning to workplace perks as a way to… Read more »

Guide to Employee Engagement

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY If you think of gamification as “the application of game elements in non-game contexts,” then employee engagement gamification is the application of game elements to different aspects of the employee relationship. Employee engagement can mean a number of different things for different organizations. For some, it might mean increasing sales, while for others… Read more »

Why Office Collaboration is Essential in the Modern Workplace

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The increasing popularity of flexible office hours and interdepartmental teamwork is redefining the modern workplace. Technology makes collaborating easier and more efficient than ever. This white paper details the many benefits of office collaboration and the tools your business can use to help improve team communication and increase productivity

Buyer’s Guide to HR Software

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Buyer’s Guide will provide a detailed analysis of the human resource (HR) software market, specific HR software use cases, and key points for businesses to consider when choosing and implementing HR technology.

Accounts Payable Automation for Erp Systems

Challenges within traditional accounts payable (AP) departments are nothing new. However, as companies feel the impact of high processing costs and manual inefficiencies on their bottom lines, the need for an automated workflow solution to complement ERP applications is critical. This eBook addresses common AP challenges and proposes a solution: leveraging an end-to-end automation solution… Read more »